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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Celebrations, Corporate Events, Anniversaries

Learn calligraphy through one-on-one personal instruction




Professional calligraphy for all types of occasions

Welcome to Our Wedding Mirror
Wedding Menu with Wax Seal
Wedding Acrylic Sign
Custom Ceremony Programs
Modern Script Relaxed
Glowsticks Acrylic Sign
Bloomingdale's Live Calligraphy Holiday Event
Vows Anniversary Gift
Custom Calligraphy Shoes
Modern Font Wedding Envelope
Welcome Inserts
Gala Place Cards
Acrylic Wedding Seating Chart
Wedding Signature Drinks Sign
Place Cards
Custom Wedding Cards Box
Modern Calligraphy Envelope
Wedding Seating Chart Mirror
Wedding Hashtag Acrylic Sign
Edwardian Italic Font Style
Copperplate Font Envelope
White High Top Shoes
Bridesmaids Custom Gifts
Wedding Table Names

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Calligraphy by Ally is a calligraphy firm led by its founder, Ally Dunn. When Ally was only in fourth grade, her school teacher asked if Ally's parents could come in after class because her teacher didn't believe Ally had handwritten her own homework - that's when Ally realized she had a special talent for handwriting.


Paired with an artistic passion for working with her hands, Ally continued on to take professional calligraphy lessons at a very young age, relentlessly honing her skill level for decades. While her professionally trained background is founded upon traditional calligraphy fonts like italic, uncial and copperplate, her success now hinges on continuing to be a student of the industry - thriving in an atmosphere of new trends, styles and needs while remaining true to her classical roots. Her skillset has grown from writing small, simple cards to spectacularly detailed wedding projects and everything in between.

Over the years Ally has established a prominent reputation not only for her unique calligraphy skills, but also for her appreciation of ease of doing business. She recognizes that timeliness, responsiveness and an overall positive customer experience are equally as important as a beautifully finished product in our fast-paced world.


Calligraphy by Ally is one of Boston's leading professional calligraphers, ready to help you with your calligraphy needs!




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